We’ve all had that feeling


We’ve all had that feeling.

That long exhale that almost spells out the words “I’m relieved.” It usually comes right after something that could have been awful didn’t happen or won’t happen in the impending future, even though there was a moment in time that you thought it was inevitable.

This is actually inspired from a photo I have from my old college. Before I transferred, I went to a pretty liberal school. I loved it, or at least how liberal it was. I met so many different people there and was happy to form a lot of weird friendships. Pictured above, then, is one of those people. We didn’t quite make it to “friends” but maybe if I had stayed another year we would have.

He was an interesting guy to say the least – a mixture of California dude chill, Portland, Oregon nature slash hipster lifestyle enthusiast, extraterrestrial sense of calm observation and perception of the world, and probably a pinch of just run of the mill Midwestern white boy. It’s interesting, somehow that description was simultaneously so spot-on and so under-performing.

Anyway, this photo was taken at some kind of out-door gathering. It might have been a rally/protest or something – I can’t exactly remember. When I took the picture, however, it wasn’t supposed to be of him specifically. Only later, when I was looking through all of my pictures on my computer, did I notice this little shape on the ground. He was the only one sitting. Bent over, cross-legged, hands on the ground, in a posture that can only scream to me, “Oh thank god…”


Listening to: Heaven Knows (First Aid Kit)

{This post is not supposed to be religiously affiliated. I laughed when this song came on my shuffle. It was too perfect.}