*walks back like nothing happened*

You know it’s been a while since you posted something when the settings have changed on ya. Lol oops!! But here’s the thing, the semester started picking back up and my mind was otherwise engaged, so this kind of fell off on the wayside. And I’m taking an art class!! Woo! So I guess my artistic energy has been directed on that class a lil more than on  this, this, what is this, hobby art?? idk, buuut I am sorry to the..like.. two or three of y’all who follow haha 😘😘kisses kisses

Drew this a little while ago. Not too much context to give here really, I was just kind of practicing using different features of my tablet/drawing software. Anyway, hello again! Happy March! And I can’t promise a super regular drawing or post from here on until about May, but I will try my best! Again, kisses kisses! haha 😘


Listening to: Shake It (Metro Station)

{The only kind of middle school throwback I’m willing to engage in is the musical kind.}




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