I hope you like what you see, but if you don’t, that’s okay too. Do you ever word vomit? I do! A lot! And apparently I do the same thing with images/art!(??) So I guess you get to see a bit of that here – basically a series of mind+mood snapshots. So you’ve found this little site, huh? Cool πŸ™‚

Isabel, 20 – not sure what I’m doing [ever] but maybe that’s relatable?


Fun facts about me that you probably don’t care about but maybe you do:

  • I have never lived in a place more than 5 years, and sadly average only about 3.6 years in each place so far.
  • I really want to change that and find a home at some point (soon, hopefully).
  • I’m a lefty!
  • INFJ. I said that before though, right?
  • I look a lot like my dog. It’s wild.
  • I’m forgetful (watching Finding Dory was almost…no yeah definitely, way too personal. I forget why.)
  • I look at my grocery store’s weekly sales ad online before I fall asleep at night sometimes just to calm me down (slash boost mood because sales are the shit).
  • Love stand up comedy. Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra. WATCH IT. If ya want to πŸ™‚
  • If you seem like a nice+genuine person, I’ll probably care about you involuntarily even if we’ve never spoken. Hah oops.