Getting dressed (part 2)


Rain, rain, go away, come again [never would be great because I’m pretty sure I haveSeasonal Affective Disorder among other quirks/afflictions which makes grey skies super hard for me to handle on an emotional level, do you understand me, ok thank you].

Also, here is a bright color for those trying to hold their own against an overcast sky. Focus on the yellow petals… let the color kinda melt into your eyeballs for a second and then feel better.

yellow-flower-1591573_960_720Okay, time to go.

Listening to: Dress (Sylvan Esso)



Sometimes it’s nice to say nice things

proudou2 (2)


Just generally speaking, I have a pretty crappy filter when it comes to speaking, but sometimes that becomes a good thing. Like when you have something really sweet to say because you feel something really sweet about another person. And then maybe you say the sweet thing and they feel that sweetness too. And then on top of feeling sweetness, they feel something even more because they know that they were the one to originally plant that seed of sweetness inside of you. And then do you see how it’s all connected? How it’s all a web of…of…”wow this just feels so good!” And as you know, webs catch things, so chances are that those good feelings won’t stop there.

So I guess what I’m saying is, say something nice sometime. If you have a nice feeling about someone else, let them know because maybe the two of you will end up building a web together. Or not. But really, why not?



Make getting dressed interesting


Because this blog has never known any serious limits, I figured I might also dabble in a bit of informal fashion blogging. I mean, I get dressed everyday and it’s one of the things I enjoy doing (deciding what to wear, that is), so I thought I’d share a bit too. Who knows, maybe it inspires or maybe y’all hate my fashion sense. But in a sea of people wearing university sweatshirts and joggers, here is a little bit ofΒ  ______.



booty love ok

booty love_bak.jpg

I have to admit, since I was 10, I’ve seen myself in the mirror as a long list of things that need improvement or should be better, but that’s some bullshit ok. People can stick their unsolicited comments/opinions about my body up their asses (excuse me) while I go ahead and worship mine (my ass, that is).