Getting Dressed (Part 3)


80 degrees and sunny. Sunscreen up! Time to hit the library up for those summer classes…

Listening to: “Melting” by Kali Uchis

(10 points if you can find my dog)





Getting dressed (part 2)


Rain, rain, go away, come again [never would be great because I’m pretty sure I haveSeasonal Affective Disorder among other quirks/afflictions which makes grey skies super hard for me to handle on an emotional level, do you understand me, ok thank you].

Also, here is a bright color for those trying to hold their own against an overcast sky. Focus on the yellow petals… let the color kinda melt into your eyeballs for a second and then feel better.

yellow-flower-1591573_960_720Okay, time to go.

Listening to: Dress (Sylvan Esso)


Make getting dressed interesting


Because this blog has never known any serious limits, I figured I might also dabble in a bit of informal fashion blogging. I mean, I get dressed everyday and it’s one of the things I enjoy doing (deciding what to wear, that is), so I thought I’d share a bit too. Who knows, maybe it inspires or maybe y’all hate my fashion sense. But in a sea of people wearing university sweatshirts and joggers, here is a little bit ofย  ______.