Getting Dressed (Part 3)


80 degrees and sunny. Sunscreen up! Time to hit the library up for those summer classes…

Listening to: “Melting” by Kali Uchis

(10 points if you can find my dog)





Back to school, creative crushed.

This is a pretty accurate follow-up, I’d say, from my last post.

There is something about school in general – but especially about the end of the school year – that pulls my eyelids closed and stoops my shoulders and lowers my head. I feel a little tiny cry for help inside me: “Let me paint! Ooh, let’s design something! Hey, can we write about that??” but it is buried deep underneath a pile of assigned responsibilities.

Tests, tests, tests, papers, projects, assignments, due dates, reminders, meetings, oh and don’t forget to secure that part-time job over the summer. And what for? Don’t get me started on what for…

This is the moment when I’d normally break off on an impassioned rant about the role of education in our society, how it’s stiflingly outdated, and how it could be so much better…

but I’m tired.

And right now I have to pull another one of those classic college “one-of-the-three-but-not-all-three” decisions.

To shower,

to sleep,

or to study.

This “one-of-the-three-but-not-all-three” decision has been dressed up in many ways over the course of my college career, and I think I can say with confidence now that it is truth. (Am I still making sense? My brain checked out a long time ago apparently…)

Anyway, I’m choosing sleep this time – or rather, I’d actually say sleep is choosing me.

To any fellow students out there, crawling their way through the end of the semester, I’m wishing you the best of luck. Try to give your sanity a hug when you are all through, no matter the grade, no matter the GPA, no matter, no matter, no matter.